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How it Works:

Free AviationForex.com Registration – with no obligation to use the service it’s free!

  • Bank and ATM beating Exchange Rates and savings on Bank payment charges
  • We are regulated as a payment institution by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Simply go online and complete the Corporate or Private Account application we shall call you as soon as your account is open. For the first time you user, AviationForex.com team will talk you through how to make your first online, live currency transaction.
  • Once your account is open you will be able to securely control and store key Beneficiary Bank Account information, making payments fast and efficient.
  • On execution of a trade, we email you instantly to confirm the transaction has taken place so you can track every payment you’ve made
  • If you ask us to, we can also email the recipient “proof of transfer” as soon as the funds have been sent, allowing for goods and services to be shipped/completed.

In some cases, the recipient may well be an AviationForex.com client therefore expediting the release of goods or services immediately.